Duct Tape Wallet & Origami Lincoln

It’s How-To time.

Knowledge for the sake of knowledge is all well and good, particularly during a game of trivial pursuit.

But functional knowledge can be the difference between suck and awesome.

Maybe your tired of your plain old brand name wallet and want to upgrade to some silver glory, then fill it with your own monetary wardrobe.

Honest Abe never looked so good.

Duct-Tape Wallet

(Works well with all types of U.S currency. Except Quarters)

Dollar T-Shirt


Artsy Farts

I love me some Saturday!


(If you ask me, they should have deep fried the bag too.)

Perfect time to sit back, relax, get some errands done around the house, grub on some food for the soul, and develop a skill we’ve been neglecting all week.

So today’s neglected skill is the ancient Japanese art of drawing unrealistic yet beautiful eyes.

Enjoy the Tutorials below, and remember to comment with your results.

Much Love ❤

Drawing Manga Eyes

(Click image to enlarge)

Anime Eyes