(Seems to me you have some truth in your fiction and some fiction in your truth.)

What is the Truth?

To be completely honest… I have no Idea.

I never have and I’m unsure I ever will. I have never seen the whole truth only fractions of it, little slivers that reveal themselves when placed in contrast with untruths.

The Philosophy of my search is thus:

Whereas many things can be untrue the Truth can only be itself, for if it were anything else it would not be truth.

Sins Against Truth:

  1. Misdirection
  2.  Omission
  3. Exaggeration
  4. Fear-mongering


I frequent these sites daily:

Θ (Tyler Durden)

  • Accurately and timely reporting on critically important information, for instance plume gate as proposed by Hatrick Penry.
  • If this site is run by shills then it is doing so in an effort to distract from truthful and valuable truth by reporting it with less viable information.


  • This site serves as a hub of news and stories from a number of alternative media sites.
  • I have on occasion found the most valuable and incredible information of this site but rarely does this happen.
  • If this site is run by shills then it is doing so in an effort to distract from truthful and valuable truth by reporting it with less viable information.

Θ (Lawful Rebellion)

This is the about information from their Page written by blog founder Al Whitney:

[ Blog founder/editor:

Over the past several years I have been conducting an informal survey.  This survey consists of only one question and I’ve posed it to many friends,  relatives, and acquaintances.  I’ve received only one response to my solitary question – an enthusiastic “YES”!

My question . . . “Do you feel like we are drowning in corruption?”

This is a very sad commentary about the world in which we live.  As I too feel like we are drowning in corruption, it seemed appropriate to attempt to do something to address this horrific problem that is now impacting all of us.

However, what can “common folks” do to combat the corruption that seems completely out of control?  Perhaps we need to take Michael Jackson’s advice and look at the Man (or Woman) in the Mirror.  Each one of us individually can start by stopping our silent acquiescence and begin ACTIVELY “exposing” and “opposing” corruption whenever we come upon it.

This blog is dedicated to that goal.

My Politics
Like everyone else I am conservative about some things and liberal about others. I have no loyalty to either team; the Democrats or the Republicans. Both parties have been hijacked by special interests and currently our politicians are more concerned with getting re-elected than serving the population in any substantiative way. Our country has been corporatized and the population needs to wake up to this reality, recognize the harm this model is causing and help unicorporate our government on all levels.

My background includes: retired Registered Respiratory Therapist, former instructor in Cardiac Life Support (Basic & Advanced), former Realtor, former Court Appointed Special Advocate for Abused and Neglected Children, environmentalist, data entry, more-than-average-experience regarding legal issues, researcher, wife (of a retired physician), mother and grandmother – and a bit of a techie.


If you are a Freemason, or if you believe that human males are no more than cannon fodder, human females are no more than brood mares, human children are no more than possessions to be exploited, and animals have no more value than gravel – then go no further. You will find this web site and the articles I post incomprehensible.

AL Whitney ]

  • This site has been a boon of Truth and critical information that does more than gripe about the current corrupt system but offers feasible and practical strategies for lawful rebellion.
  • This site actively disseminates refined and powerful information, “Lawfully Yours” a free document offered by their site is a necessary read for all of humanity.
  • Though they cite Judge Dale and his works as a primary source it is clear that they have cross checked the information presented by Judge Dale and found supporting documents.


  • Used only for the accuracy of their precious metals charts.

These I listen to:


Site Description (5/15/16):

The PanAm Post, along with its Canal blog, is a new online media outlet and your premier source for news and analysis throughout the American continent. The PanAm motto is pro veritate et libertate, “for truth and liberty,” and we strive to provide you with an ever higher level of both reporting and commentary.

In the tradition of PanAmericanism, this outlet is internationally oriented and multilingual — conscious of the potential for greater human relations throughout the Americas.

For a broader explanation of the basis for the PanAm, please see the introductory commentary, “The Hunger For a New Outlet.” In particular, it notes “bloated and inefficient” legacy and state media outlets and an opening for a new generation of reporters and analysts.


The PanAm Post, as a new outlet, is expanding its ranks. If you would be interested in a role as a blogger, reporter, cartoonist, or intern, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Daniel-Raisbeck-1Daniel Raisbeck

Editor in Chief

Daniel Raisbeck is a historian, classicist, and professor of political theory at the Sergio Arboleda University in Bogota. He is also the co-founder of the Colombian Libertarian Movement, and Managing Director of the Bastiat Society in Colombia. Follow @DanielRaisbeck.

Daniel Duarte 150 x 169Daniel Duarte

English Junior Editor

Daniel Duarte is a linguistic specialist with the PanAm Post and a former EsLibertad executive board member and regional director based in Paraguay. He is currently finishing a bachelors degree in philosophy, after moving back from France. Follow @dduart3.

pedro-garcia-1Pedro García

Spanish Managing Editor

Pedro García is a Venezuelan journalist based in Caracas with over 25 years experience in local newspapers, radio, television, and online media. Follow @PedroGarciaO.

sabrina-martin-1Sabrina Martín

Spanish Junior Editor

Based in Valencia, Venezuela, Sabrina Martín is a journalist and commentator with experience in corporate communication. Follow @SabrinaMartinR.

Thabata MolinaThabata Molina

Spanish Deputy Editor

Thabata Molina is a Venezuelan reporter who focuses on public safety, violence, and penitentiary conflicts. She has contributed to national newspapers such as El Nacional and El Universal for 12 years. Originally from Caracas, she now lives in Panama. Follow @Thabatica.

rebeca-morla-1Rebeca Morla

Editorial Assistant

Based in Guayaquil, Ecuador, Rebeca Morla supports the managerial operations of the PanAm Post. She is a political scientist, and an Executive Board member of EsLibertad. Follow @RebecaMorla.

Elena Toledo 150 x 169Elena Toledo


Elena Toledo reports for the PanAm Post from San Pedro Sula, Honduras. She is an educator by trade, an activist for a democratic Honduras, and a free thinker. Follow @NenaToledo.

Elena Toledo 150 x 169Virginia Tuckey

Political Analist and Social Media Coordinator

Virginia Tuckey is a jorunalist and political analyst based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She specializes in US and Latin American politics. Follow @virtuck.


Jorge Chuya (@Jacc97x), Casa Grande University, Ecuador.


Site Description:

Why are we called Anti-Media if we are the media? The “Anti” in our name does not mean we are against the media, we are simply against the current mainstream paradigm. The current media, influenced by the industrial complex, is a top-down authoritarian system of distribution—the opposite of what Anti-Media aims to be.

Let’s gain some perspective. Mainstream media is 90% owned by six very large corporations. These very corporations possess power over a number of businesses in a plethora of industries. Suspiciously enough, these industries range from the production of food, energy, and drugs and extend to prisons, police, and military contracting.

Would it be safe to assume that the power of the media is correlated to the state’s authority? The current media could be to blame for America’s internal and external (and not to mention unnecessary) conflicts and wars. The media doesn’t need this infamy.

At Anti-Media, we want to offer a new paradigm—a bottom-up approach for real and diverse reporting. We seek to establish a space where the people are the journalists and a venue where independent journalism moves forward on a larger and more truthful scale. All the while, this effort is driven and controlled by a community of journalists and truth-seekers around the world.

For the first three years, we’ve had enough trial-and-error to know that we’re bound to make mistakes again. Just as we learn from our shortcomings, we also value our progress. We know we’ll be forced to generate new goals as we accomplish the ones already at hand.

One of our first successes is getting your attention because now we get to inform you. You get to learn about the corruption of the state, how the media has been used against us, and the violent attacks on our rights by those claiming to represent us. We’re not done waking people up, but with your help, we trust we can get there faster.

Not only do we have the task to raise awareness, but we now have the responsibility to help answer this: what do we do to fix this? At the beginning of this year, we committed to proposing solutions. Although we’re a long way from being able to say we’ve accomplished this, we give you our oath to make an effort.

We always encourage our audience to reach out to us. We ask for suggestions, comments, questions, criticism, and love. We do our best to respond to as many people who make the effort to contact us—even those who may not have nice things to say. (It’s okay, though. Most of the time, people just need to vent. Be our guest.) Visit our Contact Us page to find out how to reach us.

What started as a single Facebook post at the end of May in 2012 suggesting you refuse to vote for either of the establishment presidential candidates has now become a network of devoted, caring, and intelligent individuals with the simple goal of educating our peers. This is a space created for the people, by the people.

As it should be.



Site Description:

Recode is a tech news, reviews and analysis site, from the most informed and respected journalists in technology and media. Because everything in tech and media is constantly being rethought, refreshed, and renewed, Recode’s aim is to reimagine tech journalism. Recode is the producer and host of the Code Conference events founded in 2014. Recode is part of the Vox Media family and joined by The Verge,, SB Nation, Polygon, Eater, Racked, Curbed. Vox Media is redefining the modern media company by empowering the smartest creative voices with the technology to create and distribute premium content, and that connects with an audience of 165 million.


Technology news, Technology reviews, Journalism, Conferences, Events, Tech News, Media News


This is the blog authors quote that can be found at the bottom of the page:





  • – The SGT report has committed the sin of misdirection and at times dances along the border of fear-mongering.
  • + I was able to find some key information thanks to interviews posted by this site, including but not limited to lawfuly yours, plume gate,


In defense of Humantiy

Slivers of Truth:


HatrickPenry – Plume Gate, Shills & Trolls

Plume Gate

Theory 1: There has been an operation Mockingbird style takeover of not just the mainstream media but also the alternate media.

1a: etc. are all parties to this conspiracy to veil the truth.


Al Whitney & Ingri Casell


Best Evidence

This is the description found on their Youtube page:

[ BestEvidence seeks to chronicle major financial forces and legal changes behind America’s last days as a sovereign republic, as the rule of law is destroyed and the American people are disenfranchised and looted in broad daylight.

In contrast to mass media outlets that rely without exception on propaganda (comprising innuendo, spin, emotion, cropped or partial data sets, agenda-driven conclusions, “expert” opinions from people with undisclosed financial interests, ad hominem attacks—all erected on a divide-and-conquer left-right platform), BestEvidence will present issues based on facts and source data. ]

  • Despite having a page on youtube best evidence has manged to produce at this point 4 videos that not only expose crimes committed in our government but also names the perpetrators.


Skeptical of these:

Ruptly – Russian Propaganda

Judge Dale – The Great American Adventure

  • His work is either a masterpiece or an incomprehensible distraction; I turn skeptical at his deceleration that extraterrestrial being were in contact with the united states and Issued a threat that should the U.S continue to use nuclear weapons the would face an extraterrestrial reprisal.

Max Keiser – Keiser Report (RT)

Sites Actively Disseminating truth:

Kent freedom school

  • Podcast; In defense of Humanity

I know these for a fact to be shills



  1. Recode –

Original Article:

A report published in the Guardian today includes a training document for Facebook editors that outlines how they should curate the “trending” headlines tool.

Instructions in the documents appear to contradict Facebook’s earlier denials of a Gizmodo article that said Facebook editors directly inserted headlines into the trending news widget. It also contradicts what Facebook told Recode last summer.

The guidelines obtained by the Guardian additionally show that editors must select trending news topics from headlines its algorithm surfaced, and make sure that they appear on five of a list of 10 “trusted” news sources that include the New York Times, BBC News, CNN and Fox News. This is likely to make people who are upset about alleged anti-conservative bias that Gizmodo reported on even madder; Fox News looks like the only right-wing outlet on the list.

The Guardian notes that the former Facebook editors it spoke to disagreed with the allegations of anti-conservative leanings at Facebook, and that Facebook has since updated its guidelines.

Shortly after this story was published, Facebook VP of global operations Justin Osofsky posted a broad overview of how the Trending Topics tool works, in addition to Facebook’s updated Trending Topics guidelines.

These guidelines include a list of the many RSS links for news publications that Facebook scans to find news topics. Additionally, Facebook released the list of the 1,000 publications that it uses to verify a generated trending topic. Some publications that aren’t on the so-called “1K” list: Capital New York, Times of India, Eater, Polygon and Recode.

Keeping track of these lists is getting confusing, so here’s a straightforward breakdown of how Facebook uses them to source and write its Trending Topics headlines:

  • The RSS feed is a way of identifying stuff that’s trending that isn’t just on Facebook.
  • The 1K list has websites that can be used to verify headlines.
  • Editors use the 10 outlets list (New York Times, Fox News, CNN, etc.) to figure out how important the story is.

We’ve embedded both the 1K list and the RSS list at the bottom of this post.

A representative for Facebook directed Recode to a specific line in the leaked guideline, in the “Injecting Topics” section: “The editorial team CANNOT inject a newsworthy topic if it is not appearing in the [news topic] demo or re-view tools.”

In a separate statement provided to Recode, which paraphrases the blog post and is available to read below, Osofsky says that the leaked documents are proof of how seriously Facebook takes its ideological even-handedness:

The guidelines demonstrate that we have a series of checks and balances in place to help surface the most important popular stories, regardless of where they fall on the ideological spectrum. Facebook does not allow or advise our reviewers to systematically discriminate against sources of any political origin, period. What these guidelines show is that we’ve approached this responsibly and with the goal of creating a high-quality product — in the hopes of delivering a meaningful experience for the people who use our service.

Trending Topics uses a variety of mechanisms to help surface events and topics that are happening in the real world. In our guidelines, we rely on more than a thousand sources of news — from around the world, and of all sizes and viewpoints — to help verify and characterize world events and what people are talking about. The intent of verifying against news outlets is to surface topics that are meaningful to people and newsworthy. We have at no time sought to weight any one view point over another, and in fact our guidelines are designed with the intent to make sure we do not do so.


Wallstreet Journal

Alex Jones –

The Young Turks