Playing the Skeptic


I don’t necessarily want to die, but it’s gotten very hard to keep living.

Everyday  life passes before me getting a little smaller and meaningless as time moves on, like watching an ice cube melt on a mild day.

The only thing that keeps me alive is the hope that one day I may discover some Truth that might enlighten me and set me free from a life of wage slavery, and monthly payments.

I’ve spent years preparing for a revolution that never came, I spent months preparing for a financial collapse that never happened.

I’ve hated Presidents in my country, found hope in presidential candidates saw them rise to office on a promise of change, only to find myself betrayed.

I’ve prepared, saved, scavenged, and lived a frugal life to the detriment of myself and those I love.

I have alienated friends and family members out of a sense of service to a truth that although seemingly meaningful has served me pragmatically as a scarlet A.

More and more I begin to distrust the news, all news, mainstream, alternate, conspiracy, even the comments made by users on articles, it all seems either veiled or irrelevant.

There will never be a financial collapse, and if there is no one will recognize it.

Like frogs boiling in a pot every single human being on this planet will simply suffer a bit more each and everyday until complete suffering becomes the status quo and anything less is considered a blessing.

Gold and Silver will never protect anyone, they never have and they never will.

Again and again I have been told that the price of gold and silver would skyrocket in the face of economic turmoil. Yet we have suffered immense economic turmoil just in the American States not to mention the world over and we’ve seen silver and gold bob, level, drop, and bob, but no skyrocket.

Some claim that this is the work of fraud and manipulation in the markets but if this is so why participate in them?

Gold and silver are marketed as a means of protecting your wealth yet their value is measured by a market that the same proponents of gold and silver claim is rigged so where is the intrinsic wealth in these metals if not in the abstract perception of their wealth in the market?

It’s as if proponents of gold and silver seem to think that amidst an economic crisis in which the ruling powers lose complete control of the system to the point wherein  it collapses people will be more concerned with the value of gold and silver than they  will be with keeping themselves and theirs safe and fed.

Where were the long lines to purchase gold and silver in Venezuela?

A suffering population doesn’t care about the coin of realm. Whether it be Gold or Goats is irrelevant, what becomes relevant is the Fear & Hunger.

The Get Rich quick days are gone, the Get Rich or die trying days are gone, the idea of Rich vs. Poor is gone.

We are left with a world of Have and Have Not’s, those who Have are set in place and will do anything to maintain their position.

The Have Not’s are given the opportunity to taste the lifestyle of those who Have by taking on debt in the form of loans and mortgages in an effort to sidestep the reality of their situation.

This system has and can go on forever because it is not a real system such as a car engine, or even a natural system such as water collecting in a bucket.

The Socioeconomic system we live in exists only in corporation, whereas  the currency may be a physical thing, banks are very much real, and loans and debt come into existence on physical paper, their purpose and power is in the mind.

Much in the same way that checkers could be played without a proper board and pieces being replaced by different color pebbles, they are merely physical representations of the idea that is checkers.

As long as we participate in the system we will all be slaves to it therefore ensuring its survival and we are in part to blame. Covered in ticks we refuse to pick them off and yet wonder why we feel ill everyday.

We acknowledge our slavery everyday with the actions we take:

  • We acknowledge that we have no right to a home by paying a monthly rent.
  • We acknowledge we have no right to own a home by paying our mortgage.
  • We acknowledge that our time and labor are worthless by accepting US debt notes as pay.
  • We acknowledge that we have no right to privacy by having an I.D.
  • We acknowledge that we have no right to operate a vehicle by having a Drivers License.
  • We acknowledge we have no right to own a car by having it registered.
  • We acknowledge that we are untrustworthy and inept drivers by purchasing insurance.
  • We acknowledge we don’t deserve our pay by allowing, social security, income tax, and insurance payments to be withdrawn from our checks.

These are but a few examples of what we do and why we are equally at fault as our oppressors, our compliance with their rules stands as consent in their eyes.

This has been and will be the way of the World, because those who suffer under the system have long since missed the opportunity to rise up.

We have all become sheep, too timid and too divided to even bleat in unison let alone stampede our way to freedom, now the shepherd is in terrible debt and realizes he can only pay it back by selling meat instead of sweaters.

So he lets our wool grow thick and feeds us delicious but hollow food to fatten us up without making us stronger so fat, weak and divided we shamble forward, stampeding together one last time into the slaughterhouse.

We the People will never rise up because this would require I the person to rise up, and I the person would be quickly imprisoned, psychologically/ physically tortured, and have the lives of those around me destroyed for good measure.

I would not be killed for fear of making me a martyr, but rather I might simply disappear, or find myself freed only to suffer the slow psychological tortures that the state seems to relish.

A similar fate awaits anyone else who finds the Truth too beautiful not to be restored.

In this way the revolution was smothered in its crib, and until something shocks the world, the populace will remain a herd.

My Greatest fear is thus: That everything will be alright.



The Veil of Isis

“I, Isis, am all that has been, that is or shall be; no mortal Man hath ever me unveiled.”

The legend goes that Isis was the daughter of Hermes; some were of the opinion that she was in fact a child of Prometheus, but these relationships could simply allegorical.

Is it possible that the Egyptian Queen Isis was once known as the Mayan Queen Moo who reined in Central America?


After the death of the Mayan Prince Coh his newly widowed Queen Moo fled to the Mayan colonies in Egypt in an effort to escape the wrath of the princes murderers.


This would mean that Mayan civilization was far more advanced and ancient than that of the Egypt. But this story drifts into insignificance when compared to the allegorical Isis symbolic of the “World Virgin” and the fact that she appears among so many different races and people.

I leave you with this quote attributed to the being that is Isis in hopes of giving greater definition  to her symbolic nature:

“Behold, I, moved by thy prayers, am present with thee; I, who am Nature, the parent of things, the queen of all the elements, the primordial progeny of ages, the supreme of Divinities, the sovereign of the spirits of the dead, the first of the celestial s, and the uniform resemblances of Gods and Goddesses.

I, who rule b my nod the luminous summits of the heavens, the salubrious breezes of the sea, and the deplorable silences of the realms beneath, and whose one divinity the whole orb of the earth venerates under a manifold form, by different rites and a variety of appellations.

Hence the primogenial Phrygians call me Pessinuntica, the mother of the Gods, the attic Aborigines, Cecropian Minerva; the floating Cyprians, Paphian Venus; the arrow-bearing Cretans, Diana Dictynna; the three-tongued Sicilians, Stygian Proserpine; and the Eleusinians, the ancient Goddess Ceres. Some also call me Juno others Bellona, others Hecate, and Others Rhamnusia.

And those who are illuminated by the incipient rays of that divinity the Sun, when he rises, viz. the Ethiopians, the Arii, and the Egyptians skilled in ancient learning, worshiping me by ceremonies perfectly appropriate, call me b my true name,

Queen Isis.

[All Due Credit Goes to Le Plongeon]


{“The Secret Teachings of All Ages” by Manly P. Hall [Pg. 105-106]}

Logically Speaking

The fastest way to end an argument based in emotion is to counter it with one based in thought.


It seems as though the art of argument has devolved into a technique simply used by people to vent pent up emotion

. The beauty of an argument is that it strips away the boundaries of courtesy so that Truth may come out however ugly it may be.

But an argument without parameters is akin to boxing without a referee, where nothing and everything is a strike below the belt.

Duct Tape Wallet & Origami Lincoln

It’s How-To time.

Knowledge for the sake of knowledge is all well and good, particularly during a game of trivial pursuit.

But functional knowledge can be the difference between suck and awesome.

Maybe your tired of your plain old brand name wallet and want to upgrade to some silver glory, then fill it with your own monetary wardrobe.

Honest Abe never looked so good.

Duct-Tape Wallet

(Works well with all types of U.S currency. Except Quarters)

Dollar T-Shirt


Evening With Raptorlol

 Hello Gents,

I’m doing a nice little evening post here because I just so happen to be in the mood, so deal with it.

Tonight I bring you pair of game “theories/conspiracies” for you to ponder over before bed, enjoy!

I am the Eddman

Oh, and one more thing.

You’re Awesome.

( Super Mario Bros. 3 Never Happened?)


( Wabbafetts all backwards?)

wabbafett secret


Artsy Farts

I love me some Saturday!


(If you ask me, they should have deep fried the bag too.)

Perfect time to sit back, relax, get some errands done around the house, grub on some food for the soul, and develop a skill we’ve been neglecting all week.

So today’s neglected skill is the ancient Japanese art of drawing unrealistic yet beautiful eyes.

Enjoy the Tutorials below, and remember to comment with your results.

Much Love ❤

Drawing Manga Eyes

(Click image to enlarge)

Anime Eyes


Happy Fireworks Day!

Hello ol’


Happy Fireworks Day to all those who are out there celebrating. I’ve my own plans for today but wanted to put a quick post out there because I love ❤ my readers just ever so much.

So as a little gift from me to you, an awesome little treat I would like you to try out, perhaps to set the mood for a post firework kickback.

(Don’t worry it’s not a screamer or a trick, I leave trolls under bridges where they belong ;D)

Step 1: Open two tabs in your Browser

Step 2: Paste in the first tab

Step 3: Paste

Step 4: Have a great evening!