The Veil of Isis

“I, Isis, am all that has been, that is or shall be; no mortal Man hath ever me unveiled.”

The legend goes that Isis was the daughter of Hermes; some were of the opinion that she was in fact a child of Prometheus, but these relationships could simply allegorical.

Is it possible that the Egyptian Queen Isis was once known as the Mayan Queen Moo who reined in Central America?


After the death of the Mayan Prince Coh his newly widowed Queen Moo fled to the Mayan colonies in Egypt in an effort to escape the wrath of the princes murderers.


This would mean that Mayan civilization was far more advanced and ancient than that of the Egypt. But this story drifts into insignificance when compared to the allegorical Isis symbolic of the “World Virgin” and the fact that she appears among so many different races and people.

I leave you with this quote attributed to the being that is Isis in hopes of giving greater definition  to her symbolic nature:

“Behold, I, moved by thy prayers, am present with thee; I, who am Nature, the parent of things, the queen of all the elements, the primordial progeny of ages, the supreme of Divinities, the sovereign of the spirits of the dead, the first of the celestial s, and the uniform resemblances of Gods and Goddesses.

I, who rule b my nod the luminous summits of the heavens, the salubrious breezes of the sea, and the deplorable silences of the realms beneath, and whose one divinity the whole orb of the earth venerates under a manifold form, by different rites and a variety of appellations.

Hence the primogenial Phrygians call me Pessinuntica, the mother of the Gods, the attic Aborigines, Cecropian Minerva; the floating Cyprians, Paphian Venus; the arrow-bearing Cretans, Diana Dictynna; the three-tongued Sicilians, Stygian Proserpine; and the Eleusinians, the ancient Goddess Ceres. Some also call me Juno others Bellona, others Hecate, and Others Rhamnusia.

And those who are illuminated by the incipient rays of that divinity the Sun, when he rises, viz. the Ethiopians, the Arii, and the Egyptians skilled in ancient learning, worshiping me by ceremonies perfectly appropriate, call me b my true name,

Queen Isis.

[All Due Credit Goes to Le Plongeon]


{“The Secret Teachings of All Ages” by Manly P. Hall [Pg. 105-106]}

Logically Speaking

The fastest way to end an argument based in emotion is to counter it with one based in thought.


It seems as though the art of argument has devolved into a technique simply used by people to vent pent up emotion

. The beauty of an argument is that it strips away the boundaries of courtesy so that Truth may come out however ugly it may be.

But an argument without parameters is akin to boxing without a referee, where nothing and everything is a strike below the belt.