Raptorlol.com was initially founded in 2014 as a hub of misc. information, and partially as a means of distraction.

After a near 2 year Hiatus I have returned to the site, and have changed its mission statement to “nothing with a twist” which essentially means everything.

Know the focus is on finding Truth (with a capital T) by exposing falsehood in all forms in an effort to define the borders of truth these will be kept track of on the Shillscope page found in the menu

In keeping with the spirit of my younger self I will also periodically post humorous and outright irrelevant content which may appear on the front page with other more stern articles but will not be found on the Shillscope page but will be relegated to the I found this Humerus page also in the menu.

Enjoy my efforts, and for those also searching for Truth, know you are not alone.



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